Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements and Fees

The hosts of the course are TEC2 GmbH. Applications for the offered courses have to be hand written and can be obtained from TEC2 GmbH, they are not available from any other source. Applicants must ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements of TEC2 as this will form part of the contract. Applicants need to be licensed to practice medicine by a bone fide authority, this is a prerequisite to the applicant being allowed to participate on the course.

Written confirmation on receipt of the forms will be provided by TEC2. 

Course Fees
The fees required must be paid on confirmation that the applicant has been accepted for a course. Those wishing to pay by instalments are asked to state this in their application, a consultation will then take place between the applicant and TEC2 to discuss the repayment period. 

Cancellation of Application
On confirmation that an applicant has been accepted for a course, he/she will be unable to withdraw. If the applicant cancels his/her application up to 6 weeks before the course begins, a cancellation fee of 500 Euro’s plus VAT will be charged, after this time the full fee must be paid. Should the applicant not be able to attend the course they are allowed to transfer their place to another person. 

There will be no Deviations/Alterations to the course contents. This course has been designed to give the applicants the best insight to endodontics by ensuring that the lecturers, content and course programme meets the needs of the participants fully. No claims can be made against TEC2  if at the end of the course you feel it has not lived up to your expectations.

Should there be a lack of applicants or lecturers for the courses, TEC2 reserves the right to cancel the announced course dates and/or to delay it to another date and venue. If a course is cancelled by TEC2 all fees will be refunded - there are no other claims possible. TEC2 will not be liable for any costs or expenses to result from these changes. If a participant is unable to complete the whole course, the full course fees have to be paid. Should an applicant not be able to attend the course dates he/she has chosen TEC2 will look for alternative dates, however, they have no liability should no suitable dates be found.

Taking part in the endodontic exam is voluntary and must be applied for separately, and in a written form. For exam fees, please read the schedule of fees. This fee must be paid regardless of the outcome of the exam (EG) Pass/Fail. The participant is complying that every case of patient is put in the exam can be used anonymous for education and publication. 

TEC2 is only liable in cases of gross negligence or deliberate acts committed by their co-workers. TEC2 is not liable for any damage or loss of personal items during the training course. The court of jurisdiction, resulting from any claims is in Memmingen/Germany. 

The participants agree that TEC2 are allowed to take photographs during the course for further promotion of the courses. Should the participants wish to use videos or take photographs of the training, they are required to apply in writing to TEC2 for authorisation before the course starts.

The possible invalidity of a single clause doesn’t affect the rest of the clauses. 

Course Fees: Curriculum 8400 Euro (for dentists in education: 7600 Euro) plus VAT (Taxes),
Single seminars: please check the conform page.

Hospitation: Inclusive 

Examination fee:
500 Euro, plus VAT (Taxes). If the applicant takes the exam without participating in the curriculum, an extra 1500 Euros plus VAT (Taxes) must be paid.