Programme Details

Programme Details

Part 1


Theory in Detail


Biology meets technique - the most successful Endodontical treatment

Basics and diagnostics in Endodontics 

Aseptic Principles 

Correct trepanation


  • correct trepanation
  • acess cavity and orofice
  • cofferdam technique
  • implementation of the OPM
  • optical vision aids through magnifying glasses/ surgery microscopes (OPM)
  • basics of endodontics
  • anatomy of canal-morphology
  • vital pulp / non-vital pulp
  • pain treatment
  • medicinal adjuvant therapy
  • principles of aseptics
  • diagnostic x-ray scans
  • acess cavity
  • illustration of the root canal entry
  • trauma part 1
  • evidence based endodontics

Part 2


Theory in the Detail

Apical sizing

Apical preparation

Endometrical determination of longitude

Coronal preparation

Charging of endodontical services

  • treatment of the canal using different systems
  • electrometrical longitude
  • measuring apical canal diameter (sizing)
  • pulpacapping, pulpektomy, pulpotomy
  • canal treatment techniques 
  • canal treatment instruments
  • medical inlays
  • resorptions and treatments
  • trauma part 2
  • charging private health insurance and statutory health insurance

Part 3


Theory in detail


Der koronale Verschluss


endodontische Microchirurgie

endodontische Reimplantation

 3-dimensional root filling using different techniques

  • lateral condensation
  • warm lateral condensation
  • warm vertical condensation
  • schilder-technique
  • Pac Mac
  • root filling with plug
  • apical opturatio

The Coronal Sealing after Endodontical Treatment:

  • indication for posts
  • material and methods for posts
  • contradictions for posts
  • indications for a tooth reconstruction: filling versus table top, versus onlay, versus crown
  • discussion about flexibility and strength of endodontic treated teeth

Endodontical micro-surgery:

  • indication and performance of the apical endodontical surgery under microvasive aspects with OPM
  • retrograde canal preparation
  • retrograde root canal filling
  • re-implantation: indication and limits


  • Material and methods

The 3-Dimensional Root Filling:

  • material
  • techniques in comparison

Part 4


Theory in detail

Endodontic Complications

Re-Vascularisation - foresight

Exam written, oral, practical

  • trepanation or
  • canal preparation or
  • root canal filling



  •  instrument fractures
  • obliteration
  • perforation
  • overfilling / underfilling
  • systematic of the revasculation