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Since 1996, we have been training dentists in a collegial atmosphere in the field of endodontics. We have put together a Curriculum which involves the best speakers and specialists from all over the world, it has an excellent reputation throughout Europe, for quality and commitment. The reputation that we have gained, is our incentive, to continually update the Curriculum to ensure the field of endontics remains at the forefront of Dentistry.

From left: Dr. S. Remensberger, Prof. M. Trope, Dr. N. Chivian, Dr. A. Sigurdsson, Dr. Th. Rieger

The Curriculum Endodontie
… is a unique advanced training programme to expand the knowledge and practical skills in the endodontic field. The Curriculum has been designed for all skill levels. It enables beginners to improve their skills and more competent students to get advanced training. The complexity of modern Endodontics underlines the need for specialist training, out with the normal dentistry training. Dentist trained in the field of endodontics in the USA have been recognised as being specialists within this area of expertise, justifiably so. The time is ripe for specialisation, because knowledge and skills are in unprecedented demand. For a long time patients were not familiar with endontics, it was far easier to sell implantology, it was easier to merchandise. A current survey at the University of Pennsylvania shows clearly that the demand for specialists in endodontics is bigger than ever. The preservation of their own teeth is the focus of most patients, and this in turn should be the path taken by the Dentist, restorative dentistry versus surgical implantology. This topical theme is covered within the Curriculum.

Prof. M. Trope in discussion with participants

Curriculum Endodontics
… the TEC2 Curriculum is built on the scientific part the “Evidence based Dentistry in Endodontics”, students are able to participate in practical exercises using different materials, techniques and instruments. We strive to ensure that the curriculum is taught in a collegial and friendly atmosphere. At the end of the course, there is an opportunity for students to do a challenging exam, should they be successful, he/she will be given an accredited Diploma.

For those of you who can’t get enough of the fascinating subject of Endodontics, TEC2 and the University of Pennsylvania also offer exciting further education training, for example:

  • Endo-Surgery Course
  • Individual hospitation
  • 3-day USA Course
  • International 3 month programme over 2 years from the University Pennsylvania. Every diploma holder of the Curriculum Endodontics, attained at TEC2, gets  a 1/3 of the time recognized or reduced.

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The Curriculum Endodontie…
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